Clean air – no pollution

Cross border social dialogue in aviation industry, creates sustainable environmental and financial solutions.

Air pollution: A potential health and safety catastrophe

An estimated one million workers in European Airports, is affected by the ultrafine particle pollution. Those 25-35% who works around the aircrafts, are the most exposed.

Air pollution is a big problem in Europe and every year 600.000 people die too early
due to air pollution.

Potentially we have a big health and safety catastrophe caused by air pollution.

In the nineties actions from neighbours of airports caused regulation of noise from flights. Some of the European airports were nearly closed because of the problem. The next problem raised by the neighbours will be air pollution,

In 2010, a scientific investigation of air pollution was conducted in Copenhagen Airport. Both by employers and trade unions, air pollution is considered a serious problem.

In 2007, the first industrial injury caused by air pollution, was accepted by the National Board of Industrial Injuries in Denmark. Two airport workers are compensated by their insurance company,
based on medical investigation after they were diagnosed with cancer.

Get involved

The project has a wide range of activities within 2012, so you can get involved.

  • Produce of material about air pollution and what to do about it
  • Information meetings in European airports
  • Conference about air pollution in Brussels
  • Set up of a trans national committee with participation from employers, employees, civil aviation organizations and trade unions

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